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No job gets done without the right supplies! In the spirit of community, KLA would like to ensure that local our economy gets fed as much as possible so we are promoting all businesses that involve property management to keep it growing right here.

Hardware and Building Material Supply Store Owners

Landlords, contractors, and home owners can use our contractor directories to find someone to provide their home improvement needs. More importantly, if they do the work themselves they also need a “suppliers” directory to help them accomplish their own task. If they can easily find out when you’re open and where you are, you just made everyone’s job a lot easier. Go a step or three further and purchase advertising space within the world of potential customers that KLA has built for you. Or give us a ring at 1-888-340-9406.


When you contract jobs local to Kingston, NY you may need to find a very specific vendor or an alternate source of goods. Or maybe you just want to shop for the best prices. All your local raw building materials, tools, and hardware sources can be found here.


You may have people to help with repairs, or you might have discovered them on our Contractor Directory in KLA. If you are one who likes to keep an eye on your expenses then be proactive and look out for new ways to save on construction work. We help you find the right supplier so you can complete the job yourself, the right way the first time. See our supplier list below.

Suppliers Directory

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