Kingston, NY Service Providers Directory

Kingston Landlord Association is aware that getting a place to live is only Step One in the housing journey. Step Two is addressing your daily needs while living in your new place. Living a life.

Where do you go for dinner, entertainment, or car repair? Who can help with health care and emergencies? Where is a great preschool for your kids? Where can one go for weight lifting, Pilates, aerobics, Yoga, Tai Chi or fitness classes?

Maybe you are in need of in-home services. Providing living quarters to the disabled or otherwise challenged population is a key part of our Housing Connections System.

We want you to be healthy, safe, happy and cared for in your new place of residence. And to that end, we’ve compiled directories of companies who provide in-home services

For the following services please visit one of the directories below:

Children’s Services

Cleaning Services

Health Care




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