Housing Quality Check Tips?

Hello, quite a bit to go over here so I’ll keep active links for every room that isn’t immediately viewable at the top of this page.

General Conditions
Failed Inspections

Smoke Detectors
Smoke detectors should be on every floor of the unit. Including the basement. These smoke detectors should be checked with a battery schedule. Carbon monoxide detectors should be on the floor where there are people sleeping in detectable – easy access areas.

Living Room
There should be at least two working electrical outlets or one permanently installed light fixture. There is at least one window and if it is designed to open it has to open properly.

A functional oven with burners and a complete set of knobs to control the burners an oven. Microwaves can be substitutions for an oven in some cases. NO HOT PLATES! A working fridge with a freezer space that maintains a temperature that prevents food from spoiling. A permanently attached sink with hot and cold water that is properly connected to a functional drain with gas trap. There is enough space to store, prepare, and serve food. A permanent light fixture and at least one electrical outlet.


A window that opens properly if it is designed to do so or if there is a working mechanical ventilation system or gravity shaft. There must be a permanently installed light fixture. There is a toilet in proper working condition. There is a permanently attached sink with working hot and cold water with a gas trap. A bathtub or shower that has functioning hot and cold water, a drain, and a gas trap.

A room must be 7 ft by 10 ft to be a bedroom. There must be a window that if designed to open, opens properly. There are at least two functioning electrical outlets or one electrical outlet and a permanently installed light fixture. Rooms that are not designed to be used 365 days a year cannot be counted as a bedroom.

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General Conditions
All windows and doors that are accessible from the outside must have a properly working lock. The unit can be entered without going through another unit. There are two points of egress in case of a fire. All areas are free of hazards. There are no broken or missing steps at these exits or floorboards and railings. All walls, floors, and ceilings are sound and free of hazardous defects such as buckling, bulging, or leaning; damaged or loose structural damages, large holes, air filtration, loose surface materials, damaged or missing parts, or are in danger of collapse. All painted surfaces in the unit and common areas must be free of cracking, chipping, or peeling. the unit and common areas are free of any electrical hazards, including exposed wires, missing cover plates, overloaded outlets and improper use of extension cords. Heating equipment is capable of maintaining the minimum temperature required by local code and is a permanent heat source for the unit; no portable fuel burning or electrical space heaters; no potential free or absence of safety devices. The unit is served by an approved water supply and connected to an acceptable disposal system and free from sewer backup. All plumbing is free from leaks and corrosion. The unit, common areas, and any outdoor spaces are free from hazards, infestation, or accumulation of trash and debris. The site is neatly maintained and there are no areas of overgrowth and there is properly numbered working doorbells or intercom system so the inspector can access the unit.

Failed inspections
If the unit fails inspection the landlord and tenant will be sent a letter outlining the repairs that need to be made and the amount of time allowed to make them.