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“Humane” is the word we want our solutions to be built on. Pests and harmful bugs don’t mean to be a nuisance, they’re just doing their job. Understanding what their job is, makes it a lot easier to figure how to make them do it somewhere else. There is also no reason to be ashamed of having problems with any of these insects or animals. Peppermint oil is great for placing a few drops in and around the property and keeping bugs and pests away. It is very strong and repels pests because of the scent. Here we’ll be going over a few solutions for these little buggers.


Bed Bugs
Roaches & Ants

Bees are harmless until you get too close. Bees use small hairs on their body to collect more pollen as they move from plant to plant. This is important for understanding which is which. A hairless yellow bee-like insect is a yellow jacket Making sure that there are no cracks around the crown molding or crown dentil molding (the molding that attaches the roof to the house) for them to slip into your attic or windows is incredibly ideal as they become harshly protective over new nests. Keeping their focus on the neighbor’s flowers and not nesting in the cracks of your roof is one of the sweeter things in life.

You either smacked the wasp or they decided today is the day… Either way, you have to understand what is happening. Yellow jackets are what we talked about earlier. There are also Red Jackets and the Mud Daubers, these are the darker ones that wasps are more commonly known for. Wasps have smoother stingers with smaller barbs that allow them to sting repeatedly. To identify their nests, they’re usually like balls of mummy’s wrap with a small opening on the bottom or each side. These nests though, vary in sizes and could be made in between things in a house’s structure just for 5-10 wasps. Contact pest control immediately if you notice an alarming number of wasps in your basement.

Bed Bugs
If you’re suspicious about possibly having bed bugs, you probably won’t be able to look at your skin and find out, as bed bugs almost rarely leave no evidence of a bite. Your feet release less heat than your head, so a great place to check is at the top of your bed as bed bugs follow heat. They bite skin that isn’t covered and look to quickly get back to the underside or top of the bed. They feed for ten minutes when you’re sleeping. Fortunately, because they’re so small and usually filled with blood, there are plenty of solutions to getting rid of them. The interceptor
sits at the bottom of every bed frame post and stops bed bugs from climbing up the post to your mattress. They climb in, slide down, and get stuck. This allows you to experiment with what chemicals works best at finishing them off. Table salt exfoliates their protective exoskeleton and alcohol dries them and their eggs out. Borax and boric acid can also be used to slow down the bed bugs tyrannous raid on your cozy bed. Diatomaceous earth peels the exoskeleton away from the bed bug leaving them open to the harsh environment around them. They quickly die after this, though it isn’t an end-all solution to multiple groups or clusters. Bed bug fogging is also capable of greatly reducing the amount of bed bugs in your room. To prepare for fogging it is ideal that you lift your bed frame and mattress straight up in the air or lean them against something so both sides are open to the air. Fold your clothes and store them somewhere else and keep everything open. Then follow the instructions of the specific fogger that you have purchased and close the door. Of course, nothing may completely get rid of them. If you give it all you got but still end up with a few bites it doesn’t hurt to call your local pest control. It’s their job, they do it well, and theirs no shame in needing assistance.


Male mosquitoes don’t bite, the females do, and can lay up to two hundred eggs. Just from one mosquito. Mosquitoes over time increase clutch size(a number of eggs) because of how much is usually eating the eggs. Naturally in waters that have more fish, there are fewer mosquitoes. They lay the eggs, most of the eggs are eaten, and a few make it to buzz around and get eaten by birds. But because there are mostly homes now and open waters with no fish or anything to speak of (Ex. that bucket full of rain water in the back yard) they breed, and all… 200 eggs see the light of day. This quickly becomes a problem. Yes mosquitoes are responsible for spreading pollen but that’s mainly what the males do as they don’t need the blood to nourish the eggs and develop them, they eat plant nectar. Male mosquitoes live 10 days and females can live to a maximum of 56 days. You see where I’m going with this? If we could manage to get rid of the first wave of eggs then there won’t be a lot of males still flying around in time to breed again. As after breeding they only live for 3-5 more days. Ah, young love. Mosquito dunks and mosquito bits both have Bti (Bacillus thuringiensis subspecies Israelensis) an amazing chemical that can be placed in stagnant water and doesn’t harm humans and animals. EPA thinks highly of the product, though everything has its price and it isn’t wholeheartedly suggested that this should go where birds and deer drink from. UV backlight traps are also known for attracting mosquitoes as well.

These little guys aren’t easy to find but man, do they leave evidence. There is a multitude of DIY solutions for this. Quite honestly though, you have to be careful because if they die under the floor boards days later after eating your mix that smell can quickly drive you mad. You need something that is quick, easy, and humane. I find that peanut butter with a mix of borax on a corner of bread in sink cabinets is a sure way to get one, but cover the whole piece is a very nice way to get more. Identifying “mice runs” or well-beaten paths that mice use to get to their food sources helps to know where to use these DIY suggestions. Of course though, if there is too many to handle or if they’re feeding during the day I would suggest contacting your local pest control. Areas with intricate sewer systems or “hollow grounds” like cities will always leave you open to this never ending pest problem. PEANUT BUTTER IS YOUR FRIEND! if you don’t have pets I would suggest making weekly mixes of chocolate and peanut butter with a little bit of borax increases their heart rate from the caffeine of the chocolate and reduces they reproductive effectiveness in males with borax. There are bait options that you could potentially grind down and mix with peanut butter as well. USA, LLC
Roaches & Ants
A large ant, sadly, takes about a minute to die in water. So the option should never be trying to fill an ant hole up with it. I don’t know who originally suggested it as you are pouring water in the ground and even in great volume the water always has somewhere to go. Ant and roach gel can be placed in small dollops around the house and outside the home for these insects to eat. This gel is great for getting rid of these insects quickly if there aren’t multiple queens.

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