Why Advertise with KLA?


Use KLA to link your personal website, emphasize your directory listing, or by featuring your business will be available to traffic from landlords, property managers, housing agencies, social workers, and tenants. The fact that your name and information is there for the taking without signing up to be a member for a fee is huge! We are a network for all housing issues in the community. Our goal is to stimulate the economy by creating jobs, work, and quality connections that last.


KLA will allow you to advertise rentals as a “POST” as there are no listings of any kind on the website. Our goal is to create the maximum exposure for available housing for rent, as much as possible. Please refer our advertising options to the contractors you use for your properties and if there are opportunities for management, maintenance or repair please contact our network at KLA.


All landlords will be contacted by mail, email, and/or phone to be informed about the benefits of using the website and accessing contractors according to their specialties.


All landlords using the site and freely advertising their rentals will be advised to contact our contractors listed in our directory for their convenience. We plan to advertise local hardware stores, electrical, and plumbing suppliers on the sidebar of the contractor directory just in case it is something they can quickly handle themselves.


We are a network for our “shut in” community as well. That includes people with disabilities and homeowners in need of home based support their family can not provide. Your “mobile” service will be marketed on a site that will be heavily visited by the housing and social service agencies that provide supportive services for the needs of their clients. All agencies will be advised of our website for supportive housing as well as minor repairs, and maintenance needs for their clients.

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